A project to accelerate the replication of the olive-growing model of LIFE14 NAT/ES/001094 Olivares Vivos in the rest of the European Mediterranean. The idea is to recover the biodiversity of olive groves and turn it into profitability for farmers.

The OLIVARES VIVOS model is an olive-growing model that is simple for the farmer and comprehensible for the consumer, which takes into account biodiversity and its ecosystem services and integrates them into its business model; it reduces inputs and integrates solutions, adding the value of recovering wildlife and helping to combat climate change.

In short, common sense agriculture, because working for nature is more profitable than working against it.

  • Manage herbaceous cover
  • Restore non-productive areas
  • Provide refuges for wildlife. All this to expand the certification standard, which connects farmers and consumers and guarantees nature conservation, and to design a new business strategy at European level.



CLIENT: European Commission– European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
DATE: 2021-2026
AMOUNT: total budget 7,031,291.00; € EU Contribution 4,166,970.00 €
PARTNERS: Sociedad Española de Omitologia. SEO/BirdLife Provincial Council of Jaén; University of Jaén. Department of animal biology, vegetable biology and ecology; PAIDI SEJ-315 group. Experimental Station of Arid Zones of the Superior Council for Scientific Research.