LIFE ShepForBio

The objective of the project is to improve the conservation status of certain open environment habitats (Habitats 6210*, 6230* and 5130) through the development of pastoral activities that ensure their sustainable and lasting management.

The approach is based on the evidence that the conservation of these habitats can only be pursued by restoring the traditional pastoral activities that have maintained them over time. The project aims to define a mode of intervention that can be replicated in other mountain areas.

The approach is based on three lines of action:

  • habitat restoration through direct management
  • support for existing pastoral activities through the economic recognition of multiservices and the implementation of training courses;
  • increased recruitment of new shepherds through territorial animation and training actions, aimed at new generations.



    CLIENT: European Commission – European Climate Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency
    DATE: 2021/2027
    AMOUNT: total budget 3,228,451.00 €; EU contribution 1,936,755.00 €
    PARTNER: D.R.E.Am. Italia, Euro Montana, National Park Foreste Casentinesi, Monte Falterona and Campigna, Tuscany Region, Studio Verde, Union of Municipalities of Romagna Forlivese, Union of the Municipalities of Pratomagno, Union of the Municipalities of Val di Sieve, Union of the Municipalities of Casentino, University of Florence, La Sapienza University